“Harrowing and heart rending.” - Richmond Times

One wrong move is enough to bring a good life down...

 Wendy Gould is a happily married suburban mom who, in a moment of weakness, goes up to a hotel room with an attractive stranger. While in the bathroom, a horrifying murder takes place and she’s the only witness. Now she’s forced to run from rogue Federal agents, back to her forgiving husband, until the agents follow her there.

Lauritzia Velez is a devoted young nanny whose deadly past has forced her into hiding. But that past has caught up with her.

Scared and alone, these two women’s lives converge and t hey form an unlikely partnership into a sinister web of treachery, drug lords, arms dealers, and shadowy figures reaching to the highest echelons of the government.

Critical Praise for NO WAY BACK

“Nail biting, heart pumping suspense... A masterful thriller that rings true leaving the reader exhausted from the adrenaline rush by its escalating suspense.”

“Energetic story telling. A chilling tale of suspense. Oh so entertaining.” - Florida Sun Sentinel