“Tense and chilling.” - James Patterson

What happens when the person you admire most is your biggest betrayer? Kate Raab’s life seems perfect—her boyfriend her new j0b, her close-knit family. Until her father, a larger-than-life man who she looks up to most in the world, is suddenly arrested—for money laundering. And within days, with their family falling apart on him,  he decides to testify on his drug-running associates and is placed in the Witness Protection Program

A year later, Kate is visited by the FBI. Her father has disappeared. No one knows whether he’s alive or dead. He’s in what the Agency calls THE BLUE Zone. Andsomeone close to him turns out murdered. Suspecting her father is out for revenge, with her family under constant surveillance, her father’s criminal friends circling, and his government protectors straddling both sides of the law, Kate realizes that finding the truth about her father means finding him, and the long-suppressed family that leads to more bloodshed.

Critical Praise for THE BLUE ZONE

“A spine-chilling mystery with a chilling twist.” - Cosmopolitan

“Impossible top put down.” - Los Angeles Times