The Ty Hauck Series

One Mile Under

The Ty Hauck Series #4

“Engrossing... Will thrill series fans and newcomers alike.” — Publishers Weekly

Whitewater guide Dani Whalen finds a body washed up on the river's edge outside Aspen, Colorado, and is stunned to discover it’s Trey Watkin—a topnotch kayaker and a close friend. Watkins's death is quickly ruled an accident. But Dani isn’t convinced, even if, Wade Dunn, the local police chief and her ex-stepfather, also believes Trey's death was foul play. Undeterred, Dani secretly builds her case, but when a hot-air-balloon operator friend who insists he saw something that day to back up her claims, is killed himself in a fiery crash, Dani threatens to take her suspicions public and, “for her own good,” is tossed in jail.

When Dani's father contacts his old friend, Ty Hauck, and asks him to help his daughter, Ty doesn't hesitate. Skeptical at first, but in the end “full in,” Ty and Dani become ensnared in a sinister scheme running deep beneath the surface of a drought-stricken Colorado town. This modern Western leads to a showdown between rogue Psych-Ops agents from Iraq, profit-driven oil companies, and local farmers and ranchers with no one to stand up for them who are being dispossessed of their way of life.  But there’s one resource more valuable than oil that’s being fought over: And that’s water. And Ty and Dani discover the deadly price that all will pay to get it.

Critical Praise for ONE MILE UNDER

“The characters are terrific. ... Gross delivers another satisfying journey.” — Associated Press

“Great suspense... with many twists and turns.” — Suspense Magazine

“A timely tale.” — Fort Worth Star-Telegram

“[Gross’s] most ambitious and elegantly realized novel to date. ... Thrillers don’t get any better than this.” — Providence Journal

“A modern day classic western shoot-out.” — Iron Mountain Daily News (Michigan)

“A fast-paced, entertaining thriller. Five stars out of five.” —

“Terrific pacing. ... One of the author’s best.” — Connecticut Post