The Ty Hauck Series


The Ty Hauck Series #3

“This book is fantastic. An automatic must-read.” - Lee Child

A close friend of Greenwich Connecticut investigator Ty Hauck is murdered along with her family in a terrifying home invasion. Now Hauck will risk everything to avenge her death. An international financier sees his world about to crumble and realizes his family is in unfathomable danger...A tenacious government agent knows she has stumbled into something big when she watches transfers of millions of dollars in cash, suspecting that this is the first step to unleashing a new kind of global terror.

Following the trail of murders, Ty along with agent Naomi Blum of the U.S. Department of Treasury, step into the crosshairs of an unthinkable and far-reaching conspiracy.

Critical Praise for RECKLESS

“Gross uses the current turmoil in the banking world to go effect as a backdrop for this crackling thriller. A top-notch thriller writer. His best book yet.”  - Chicago Sun-Times

“Quick, intense, pulse-pounding.”  - Seattle Post-Intelligencer